HIX Swingman 25 20x25 Manual
Swing-Away Press Digital
w/Curved Top 220V Crate $80.00

Product #: EQHX10061

Weight: 208


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Go for it! Apply an astounding 1200 lbs of downward force and transfer images in excess of 19” x 24” in one pressing. The HIX SwingMan 25 features a huge 20” x 25” swing-away heat platen that meets the needs of any commercial textile or sublimation business.

The SwingMan 25 is perfect for applying oversized designs on the full front of a shirt It will also be able to accomplish jobs such as applying reflective stripping or names to 3XL and 4XL shirts in one pressing. You can even press an 18? x 24? ceramic tile mural in one cycle, saving you time and money. With repeatable print gap settings up to a maximum of 1-3/4’ thick, the SwingMan 25 is also adequate for tiles, plaques, garments, and 3-D items.

Price: $2,565.00

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Price: $2,565.00

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